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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Haunting House

I keep having a recurring dream. More specifically, I keep having different dreams that are set in a house that doesn’t exist but that has appeared over and over for the past 20 or so years. The town is there, the street exists, and the very block is where I lived in three different houses during my college years, but the house of my dreams doesn’t exist. Its location is where a house sits that I entered a couple times that I remember, where friends lived. My dream house has that same house’s front entryway and front rooms, but mine is far larger. That house is white; my house is dark bricks. The dream house changes from the real house when it comes to the upper floors and back porch area. Like the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, my dream house has stairways ending at ceilings and rooms that change your sense of balance and reality.

It’s haunted in a good way, usually, but last night it had rats and I was planning to call the exterminators before I closed the deal to buy it and move in.

I’ve tried to analyze this experience. I used to have dreams that seemed to give me messages, and they all shared a certain quality of feeling, a sort of realism that made me wake up and not doubt that I should pay attention. I have never had a warning dream or anything of that sort. I have had dreams in which I’d learn something about myself or somebody else that would end up helping me cope with my waking life. The dreams with this house in them sometimes have that quality and sometimes don’t. I end up paying attention to them all because of how many times now the same house has appeared, but I haven’t yet had the corresponding “help” in real life.

I just hope rats don’t appear in my house this spring!

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