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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Important or Insignificant

Last week I was reading entries to judge a high school writing contest and read a short story that made me think back to my teen years.

In one story I was reading, a teenage girl's boyfriend is in an accident, and she is invited to ride in the ambulance to the hospital, and she is the one with him as he passes away, and she is the one who breaks the news to his shocked parents. I thought with a sneaking tad of amusement how angry I would be in a world where my teenage son could be dying and after everything was over I be told by his high school girlfriend. However, I recognized that the writer's dream was to be of supreme importance to someone. Can't I understand that? Don't I want to be of supreme importance too?

When I was young I thought I was pretty important to everyone I knew, to my school, to the town I lived in, to just about the whole universe. Moving to a new town taught me differently, for suddenly I had nobody at school or in my neighborhood who sought me out. Most people learn their relative insignificance through similar experiences. And yet, I think today that I am irreplaceable in my own sphere, and that my sphere has impact on other spheres about which I am not conscious. Have I learned anything since my teen years about my relative importance or insignificance? Why am I writing a blog, if not to proclaim that my thoughts are important? I have to laugh at myself, trying not to take myself seriously. I shall have fun with this blog.

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