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Sunday, July 3, 2011


At first dark on Saturday evening, we watched our official city fireworks display from the sidewalk in front of our next-door neighbor’s house. We used to sit on our own driveway watching them, until the trees across the street grew too big and blocked them out.

This year was different in that there were fireworks in the skies all around us. Despite the fact that we live in a desert environment and that it’s usually getting pretty dry here in July, our state legislature approved a law allowing these aerial fireworks displays to be bought and used by the general public, and not only that, but they extended the time from a few days before and after the holiday to last all month long!

What, one wonders, were they thinking? Doubtless the question begs the question. We are talking about politicians, after all.

I wasn’t at all surprised but I was sorry when I heard all the fire engines from the fire station three blocks away go screaming out of the garages. (Politicians should be required to ride along, don’t you think?)

And although I am writing this at about 1:00 in the morning, I am still hearing the boom of the fireworks guns on the streets around our house. This is madness, surely.

Don’t think I don’t like fireworks! I do, very much. They are pretty, they are impressive, and they are fascinating. I love the huge red-white-and-blue balls of fire. I love the cascading firefalls. I love the ones with the little colored squiggles at the ends of straight lines of gold fire.

We were wondering at every fresh type of firework, How do they do that?

My mom was telling us about how, when she and Dad lived in Lake Havasu City, they would enjoy the spectacle every February when fireworks companies would gather there for an annual convention to test out their new displays, which were shot out over the lake. How wonderful a sight that must be!

But with all my enjoyment, I do want to be safe, and I want my neighbors to be safe, and I do confess to sympathizing with all the howling dogs, terrified at the noise and sights of fire in the skies. It sounds like a war around here. And we have a whole month of this to look forward to. Sigh.

I never thought I would dislike fireworks, but this trial by fire is literal.