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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Mount Timp Climbing Plan, part 1

Update to my September first posting: Marj and I have decided that we will celebrate our birthdays next summer by climbing Mount Timpanogos again, and we are determined that we will reach the summit!

M&M on the summit

Marj has been running 5K races for the past couple of years for charity. I can’t remember how many she has run, but I think it was 25 to 30 races in the first year, and more in the next year! She is such an amazing woman, and I admire her to pieces. I am thrilled and excited that she wants to do this hike with me. I hope I can keep up with her!

When I had a heart attack years ago, my cardiologist told me at that time that my running days were over, and that my skiing days were also over because of the altitude. But now things are very different. It took years, but my heart is now officially declared to be healed, and my doctors have all signed off on my plan to do this mountain climb.

I am pretty excited! I have a training program laid out for me, a diet in place for optimum results, right up to a daily meal plan for the six days preceding the day of the hike itself. My physical therapist is working with me now to teach me the exercises I need to strengthen my back, hips, and legs for this climb.

I walk each day that I drive a student to college (who can’t drive). The campus is beautiful, and it just beckons to be traversed in all sorts of configurations, so my walk is always varied and interesting. I usually walk for 40 to 50 minutes: this is the beginning of my training program. Here are a few pictures.

I am looking back, down the avenue of trees to my starting
point, and now I will turn around and head east on the
northern boundary road.
I like walking along this road in the morning with the trees
shading the path and giving me a cool respite.
I pass the visitor's entrance booth and keep heading east.

The hills all around the campus are very inviting!

Near the bus stop on the northern boundary road.

Turning south on Redwood Road. But why stick to the hot sidewalk
when there is this hill covered with trees?

Turning west again down one of the main walks through the center of campus.

Fountain grass and fountain spray.

Are those flower pots raining?!

Turning south again.

Ready to turn another corner at the southern boundary road.

Turning at the southwest corner of the campus.

Stop to dance with my shadow on the hill.

Another hill with trees--along the west boundary.

A sea of cars, and then the campus buildings.

Another of the central paths, west to east.

Just what it says: the Activities Center and the playing fields.

The northwest corner, an autumn tree,
and the impossibly blue skies of late September.

The canal on the other side of the northern boundary road.

I finish my walk and  retire to one of those hillsides, looking up and cooling off in the breeze.

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