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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Twenty-Five Days Later

This is a record of two walks around Salt Lake Community College Taylorsville campus. How a month in autumn makes the scenery change!

In late September, the trees are still mostly green.

In October they wear their autumn dress and the leaves are flying everywhere.

On Bruin Blvd near the north east bus stop

This hill looked very inviting on a hot day the first week of autumn.

It no longer invites me as much as it used to do.

The appeal of the fountain, however, does not change with the seasons. It is delightful with every variety of background scenery.

On a day with an impossibly blue sky, these trees showed signs of autumn coming.

Twenty-five days later, the sky is full of storm clouds all around, and the trees are showing clearly which one will make it through the winter and which one will not.

In September I found the most autumn-looking trees to lie under on the hillside while cooling off and waiting for my student to get out of class.

Twenty-five days later the trees in the original photo had no leaves left at all, so I lay on the hill in a different spot.

My student appears. And how the colors have changed!

In another twenty-five days I may update this little photo show, but you already know just about what things will look like then.

The winter is coming.

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