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Friday, November 28, 2014

Three Walks, Three Months

This is my record of the changes on the Salt Lake Community College Taylorsville campus over the course of this semester.

The first walk I recorded was September 25, 2014. Autumn was only a few days old, but already the signs were here and there.

The second walk I recorded was October 21, 2014. We were approaching the middle of Autumn, the part I find the most beautiful.

The third walk I recorded was November 25, 2014. Autumn was well advanced and winter is approaching.

Here are some of the pictures I took, comparing the same places.

First I walked along the northern boundary road.



Continuing on the northern boundary, I approached Redwood Road.

During a walk on a very hot day, this hill is inviting.

Not so inviting on a cool day with all the leaves.

And on a cold day? No way!

This fence gives me a useful lesson in perspective,
and the shade of the honey locust trees
filters the hot morning sun.

Still walking east.

Now the trees are touched with gold and red.

And finally my perspective vanishes in cold, bare trees.

Walking south on Redwood Road. On the grass, not the sidewalk!

When I turned south on Redwood Road, I walking along the grassy hill next to the sidewalk instead of in the hot sun.

It isn't too muddy to keep walking on the grass.
But in October the hilltop was so covered in leaves that I walked on the sidewalk and did not take a photo.

In November the hill was mostly clear and the snow had melted long enough before that it wasn't muddy.

The fountain!

Mid-campus walk by the Student Center.

This walk faces south. October is so pretty here!
In November the mid-campus walk is so cold
that all anybody wants is to get in a warm building.

September on the west hills.
November on the west hills.
September, from west to east.

October, from west to east.

November, from west to east.

Across the playing fields, clear September skies.

Across the playing fields, October's brilliant sun and clouds.

Across the playing fields, November's promise of snow.

September and the impossibly blue skies
behind the two cottonwoods, one living
and one looking like it might not make it.

October, the dying tree is shedding leaves.

At the northwest corner of campus are two cottonwoods, one healthy and the other dying. They look like the faces of Autumn to me.

November, you cannot tell which tree will
leaf out next spring.

September and the butterfly bushes are loaded with blossoms.

Around the corner near the tennis courts are these butterfly bushes.

October and a butterfly finds one of the still-nourishing blossoms.

November and the butterfly bush is ready for winter.

Back to the starting point. September, and some trees look like October already.

Back to the beginning. November will take those last leaves away soon.


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