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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Are NOT Serious, Or, the Teeny Zucchini

I know you have been waiting and waiting for my latest garden report. Oh, of course you have. You cannot have anything better to do than to wonder if any of my vegetables lived more than a month. You can now relax. The report is finally here.

The tomatoes, alas, although alive and possibly even growing now, are probably not destined to yield anything like a decent harvest. Considering all the vicissitudes of their short existence, these have done remarkably well not to simply die off like the other three tomato plants did. One of these plants has even got some blossoms that look well. Another of them, though, grew blossoms only for them to burn up. I am very much afraid that my fears of four weeks ago were right: the manure is not aged enough. Well, it is amazing to me that they are alive still at all.

One pepper plant lived of the four. I mean, one lived to grow leaves and even has tiny pepper buds coming on. Of the other three, one still has a bright, strongly green stem, but the tiny leaves it started withered. Still, it could grow some leaves, as it does not seem to be dying further. Stay tuned!

Here is the squash-and-watermelon box. We might have acorn squash at least. Let the excitement build! Look at the tiny fruit on this watermelon plant. These are two of the five fruits on this plant. If these grow, we will have watermelon in the fall! Stay tuned for that too!

It is hard, really, to kill a zucchini plant, except if the bugs get in it. So far, we have not had that problem. Our zucchini plants are doing well and are loaded with fruit. In fact, we had our first zucchini ready to pick two weeks ago! Can you believe it was that early when we planted so late? It is true. Here is the proof (I had to put my eyeglasses along side to show how BIG this was . . .)
It was almost one mouthful. Okay, maybe it was a bit less than that . . . Maybe the size of a little sweet pickle. A tiny sweet pickle. Not quite microscopic, but give it credit for trying, at least.

And here is today's first serious zucchini.

In the meantime, the Granny Smith apple tree wants thinning, and the roses are doing very well. They do like these summer cloudbursts!

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  1. I have, of course, been consumed with anxiety over the condition and fate of your garden. Now I can heave a huge sigh of relief and get on with my life. I did not plant anything this year at all, so I have had to garden vicariously through your blog. It has been an exhausting experience and I may have to plant a fall garden just to recover.


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