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Monday, April 11, 2016

A Spoil of Quilts

Here are a bunch of quilt pictures. I love quilts! I’m just tired of making them and not having the people I make them for appreciate them. So from now on any quilts I make are staying right here in my house. And you can forget “inheriting” any of the quilts my mother-in-law and her kinfolk or my grammy and mom made. I will wear them out myself! (Well, if you really appreciate them, I might let you have one.)

1. Last Quilt

This was for my granddaughter.

2. Constellations

This was for my son. It has the Big and Little Dipper, Casseoipeia, and Orion. And Sirius!

3. Solar System

My parents made this one for my son.

4. Fish

My mother started to make this one for my son and then got sick, so I finished it.

5. Flower Basket Folk Art

My mother made this one for me in 1988.

6. Eagles

My mother made this one for my son in 2007.

7. Sesame Street

My mother made this one for my son in 1992.

8. Cats

We made this for our granddaughter in 2007. We made a matching one for my niece.

9. Beatrix Potter/kittens baby quilt

My grammy made this for my son in 1991. The other side is a pattern of kittens all over.

10. Painted #1

My grammy made this for me in 1981.

11. Painted #2

My grammy made this for someone who shall remain nameless who did not want to keep it. I wasn’t supposed to get two, so don’t tell, but I could not let this be given to charity.

12. Painted #3

My grammy made this one with diluted paint to make the paint go further. Well, it went. She gave this to me and my husband upon our marriage.

13. Crazy Beehive

My mother-in-law made this quilt in the 1950s or 1960s. There are no two pieces alike. And here is the back:

14. Log Cabin

My mother-in-law and her mother made this quilt in the 1950s.

15. Circle the Diamonds

I’m not sure of the proper name for this one. It’s for a single bed. My mother-in-law made it in the 1960s.

16. Wedding Ring – Full size

My mother-in-law made one of these for each of her four children in the 1950s.

17. Wedding Ring – Child size

My mother-in-law and her sister-in-law made this one in the 1960s. Our daughter used it in the 1980s.

18. Cross-Stitch Embroidered Top

My mother-in-law made four different colored counted-cross-stitch embroidered tops for four different quilts for her four children. The other quilts are green, gold, and beige. These quilts were finished in the 1950s. Here is detail from this quilt:

19. Scottish Castles

My mother started this quilt and had planned to tie it, but then she thought she would sew it on her machine instead. She never did finish it. But it is my niece’s favorite and right now it’s covered in dog hair from the last time they visited and brought the Corgi who gets to sleep with his people.

20. Yet Another

Shhh. Grammy wasn’t supposed to make me so many quilts, but I loved them so, and it’s the folks who express tons of appreciation who get stuff, people. I sat around and asked questions and wanted to be told stories of the old days and stories of making things, and everything old I got all excited about. I always asked Grammy to share more and more of her life with me. So Grammy spoiled me—and I guess I sort of spoiled her too.

So I sit here spoiled with quilts that I love.


  1. Hi Marci,
    I have one quilt from Grammy and two from Mom that I have carefully folded away. I use the ones from Mom during the winter when it is cold, but the one from Grammy is getting worn, so I don't use it anymore. It is in one of those plastic tubs with the snap lid.

    1. Then you just might qualify for a quilt. I regret that when Dan died, I found several unopened emails from him to Mom, and one in November asked for a quilt or a comforter. You can imagine how much I wish I had seen it in time!!!!


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