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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Friday Quest for Fall Color

We zoomed out the Salt Lake Valley last Friday, September 16th, on Interstate 80 looking for colorful oak brush and other mountain plants in Parley’s Canyon and over into Heber Valley. Here is what we found.

Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake Valley fall color
Near Olympus Cove
Leaving Salt Lake Valley on I-80
Entering Parley's Canyon
With some window glare, we pass through the mountains
We find beautiful fall colors in the canyon.
Like flame (cliche, but true)
The mountains stretch away . . .
The mountains are gorgeous this week.
There is more time for much more of this mountain to change color
Now we turn off on Highway 40
Chasing cloud shadows

Near the Jordanelle Reservoir
Pretty scenery
We washed the other window, but we should have washed this one!
Jordanelle Reservoir
Heber Valley
Zooming past the cows
Heber Valley Cheese Factory
A pretty red barn
Goat farm
Love that windmill!
Pretty little brick house in Midway
Midway Memorial
Midway: close to heaven, they say
House in Daniels that belonged to relatives of my husband
Lovely old barn, Daniels
Heber City cemetery
Waiting for a table at the restaurant
View from the Homestead, Midway
My favorite: the full moon, freestyle, from the freeway
Same moon, from the park near my house

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