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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Walk, South Salt Lake

It was high time I got back to walking and photographing. I had been sick for several weeks, but now things are looking up and I was out and about in South Salt Lake this morning. Here is what I noticed.

The trees are gorgeous this time of year.

Here is that house that I always think looks like something out of a fairy tale (barring the presence of garbage cans and a car of course).

This is the other one that makes me think of a cottage in a story book. These two share a fence but are on adjoining streets.

The church with the big round back is near those two houses as well. One of my friends told me that she thought it might have been a storage facility back in the days when individual churches took in produce and goods as tithing from their people, rather than just money as is common nowadays.

The rock wall reminded me of something I saw in London a long time ago. Obviously this is not old compared to anything that was old in London!

This little wood joins those two fairy-tale cottages.

Halloween is coming, and there are ghouls and monsters all around.

This monster in particular is one I would not want to see anywhere near my front porch!

Various things are hanging around.

The pumpkin theme, of course, is a strong one everywhere you look.

I really enjoy the way the sunlight filters through the leaves of the trees, especially when they are tinged with gold in the autumn.

I arrived on 500 East where Wilford Woodruff owned a 20-acre farm at one time.

It is nice to see that the old farm implements are still hanging around, providing a sort of ghostly view of the area as it used to be.

A couple of the Wilford Woodruff homes.
A Wilford Woodruff sunflower . . . ha ha.

At First Encampment Park I noticed the names of the early Mormon pioneers have been printed on the rocks. Some of them are fading away but these are pretty clear. I wonder if this George Brown is related to the George Brown among the ancestry of my husband.

I love having leaves deep enough to scuff through and send flying.

As I said before, sunlight through the trees is just about my favorite thing.

Back at my starting point, I went into the SLCC campus building.

Here is where a modern technical high school was built onto the south end of the 2-block-long campus. (Did I ever mention that a block here is pretty big? Look it up.)

The doors are lovely, but the lobby is lovelier still.

Here you can get tickets to see plays in the Grand Theater. I wish I could go in it and photograph it. It is really something to see.

They have preserved a bit of the old high school in the lobby here.

And now because I love stairwells and ramps and things like that, I finished my walk with running up and down to see what angles were possible. Also, whether it would be possible to get them without a lot of students. But this is a school! So students were everywhere, as they should be.

Okay, you are no doubt noticing the severe absence of students in these pictures. I swear they were everywhere. They must have all been vampires or something unphotographable . . .

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