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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Camera-Shy Corgi

My sister has three dogs in her family. Her dog is a 13-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever and Doberman mix who has been featured here on this blog before. Her daughter has a black Labrador Retriever - Border Collie named Sable who is basically nuts; he is now 5 years old and had been expected to grow out of that stage, but it seems to be permanent. Their third dog ostensibly belongs to my brother-in-law, but Welsh Corgis are so cute and inclusive that he belongs to everybody. He comes to visit us so often that he also includes us in his circle of people whom he likes to herd together. He loves everybody and everybody loves him. He is so cute that we camera-nut types love to photograph him.

But he hates to have his picture taken.

This was quite apparent this week when my niece and I drove her brother back to college and took the dog along. On the way back he was in the back seat, a little sad that one of his herd had been left behind, and very put out every time my niece pointed my camera his way. My niece tells me this is typical. She is getting more and more into photography and would like to use him as one of her principal models, but he refuses to cooperate. He turns his head away, lowers his ears, and looks pathetic the instant he realizes the camera is on him.

His history is that he is a sort-of rescue dog. My sister was the veterinarian in a small town in southern Utah where someone called her a few years ago and asked if she would board this Corgi puppy. She agreed, and at the end of the boarding period, someone came and got the dog. The next day the puppy was back at the front gate, asking frantically to be let in. My sister, unable to reach the original person she had dealt with, found out that the puppy had been left tied to the front door of the house that had been suddenly abandoned by the party that had been renting it, and that a kid in that neighborhood who had been asked to feed and water the puppy for a few days had untied the dog and let him run off. The sheriff told my sister that the supposed owner of the dog was unlikely to return, being wanted for a number of serious reasons. So the puppy had gone to where he felt his home was. My sister kept looking for the owner for a while, but the Corgi puppy grew up in her household and implanted himself in their hearts.

I suspect he is camera shy because he knows he is on the lam.
Sleeping in the sun, suddenly aware of the camera

Oh come on. Give a guy a break from this harassment!

Gotta get out of range of that thing.

You know I value my anonymity!

Unaware he's being watched.

Not again! Have you never heard of the Federal Witness
Protection Program?

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  1. Thank you, Marci. Dodger, who I never knew was on the dodge, IS impossibly cute and sweet and all the other things that are Corgi traits. For a complete list, read Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown's "Mrs. Murphy" mystery series. Tucker is the Corgi in there. Mrs. Murphy is a tiger cat, whom Sneaky Pie claims to have created. Sneaky Pie is also a tiger cat with an immense author's ego. Dodger is a perfect example of the breed.


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