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Monday, July 10, 2017

Patriotism Rampant

In my neighborhood, patriotism shows up not only for Independence Day on the Fourth of July, but for the entire month of July. My state has two holidays in July that are celebrated with fireworks and lots of flag waving, and my morning walks offer a glimpse of lots of flag-related decorations. I call this rampant because there is so much that you have to say patriotism is standing on its hind legs with its tail in the air, like the lion in heraldry. (Whatever!)

Here are the decorations I noticed this morning.
I saw this house this morning but used a photograph I took last week.
They do it up in grand style. Even their mailbox is covered with
red-white-and-blue ribbons.

The flags are definitely flying, with lots of houses flying the flag every day, not just on the holidays.
People fly little flags, big flags, and alternative styles of flags.

I like bunting on porch railings. It has that old fashioned feel, like being wafted into the movie The Music Man.

People even continue the red-white-and-blue
theme in the flowers they plant in the yard.

Flags fly on trucks too!

One of my good friends has been posting on Facebook about the largest U.S. flag ever flown that is hanging between the walls of a canyon near where she lives. You can see a picture of it here and read the article. Yep, Utah does love waving the flag.

In the words of George M. Cohan: “You’re a grand old flag”

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