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Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Flowers

I’ve just finished reading Betty Smith’s wonderful 1943 novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The title tree (a Tree of Heaven) has umbrella leaves and manages to scrabble itself upright and grow with practically no water or care (like the protagonists), and even, in the end, when Francie sees that it has been cut down to a stump, it refuses to die and strong sprouts grow out of the top of the stump (rather like my old apricot tree), intent on becoming a proper tree again. This puts me in mind of something Francie muses upon in the course of the novel: how time suddenly seems to speed up after she turns 12. She says it’s as if the week has lost some of its days, and suddenly the summers are shorter and there is no longer an eon from one Christmas to the next.

“Tempus fugit,” says Mrs. Shinn to her husband in The Music Man. I have a friend who used to say that to me all the time, because I was always running late when I was younger. I thought time went too quickly twenty years ago. Now its speed has become positively frightening.

As an antidote I thought I would pull out photos of spring flowers I’ve been taking for years. This could remind me of how slowly the years have piled up, or it may make me think Where did all these years go? and go back to feeling that time is getting away from me.

Still, pictures of flowers are always cheering, and ultimately, they seem to slow things down for me. Here are the flowers we get in April and May around here.
The year the tulips had to manage around the tree that had fallen down



Snow drops, without the snow

Hyacinths are so cheerful interspersed with pansies

My tulips

Not my tulips!

I usually post Wordsworth's poem, but this year, no

Apple blossoms

Dandelion, of course

We often get spring snow

Grape hyacinth

Flowering quince


Snow on the lilacs

I love white tulips

These irises come from stock back to 1940


More columbines

Indian paintbrush

First peony on a new bush

Peonies and irises

My neighbors grow great tulips

Grape hyacinth

Trees are flowering everywhere

Wild iris

Flowering trees

Mr Lincoln Rose

Slow down, look closely at the flowers, and enjoy Spring!

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