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Book and Movie Reviews

I am such a bookworm and movie nut that I often find myself writing about what I’m reading or watching or about reading and watching. Here are some of my reviews. Most of my book reviews are found on Goodreads, but here are a few I wanted to group together or to do something more in depth.

Jane Austen
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Charles Dickens
Susan Wittig Albert
  • Herdwick Sheep—frequent characters in Beatrix Potter’s work, and thus in Susan Wittig Albert’s mystery novels featuring Beatrix Potter
Geoffrey Chaucer

G.K. Chesterton
Jasper Fforde
David McCullough

Sharyn McCrumb

Herman Melville

Anne Perry
Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Part 1--The Circular Staircase and The Bat
  • Part 2--The Man in Lower TenThe Case of Jennie BriceThe Window at the White Cat and When a Man Marries
  • Part 3--K. and The Street of Seven Stars
  • Part 4--Where There’s a Will; Kings, Queens, and Pawns: An American Woman at the Front; Bab: A Sub-Deb; The Amazing Interlude; and Dangerous Days
Dorothy L. Sayers
P.G. Wodehouse
William Wordsworth
Movies and Actors

Walt Disney

Lew Wallace / 1959 Movie
Lerner and Loewe’s Brigadoon


Books as Books

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